Struggles for Divas Ended with Fashion Rooms!

fashion rooms on Instagram
fashion rooms on Instagram

In a world full of social media apps, I’d say the most addictive one in Instagram. My favorite thing about it is the broad-ness of everything. Poetry, memes, jokes, celebrity photos, friends, parties and literally everything, in picture form, on one platform. Isn’t it just amazing? To be honest, I can scroll through Instagram for hours and hours and hours and more hours, and I would never get enough of it. And I know I’m not alone in this. It’s especially more addictive for little diva’s out there who love following latest trends of the fashion rooms on Instagram.

This is my favorite part of Instagram too. The fact that I can see others’ outfits, including friends, celebrities, bloggers, etc. I can get ideas, and I can stay up to date with the latest trends of fashion rooms around. Also, following brand pages helps you keep in touch with what’s available on the market, and you can add on to your list of must-have-asap.

Now one thing I hate, not exactly about Instagram, but I dislike this, and it does start from Instagram. It is that every time I see an outfit or an accessory or any other fashion piece in one of those ‘ootd’ pictures, and I like it, life mostly becomes harder. That is because my next step is to find something similar and that seems impossible. Although there are several fashion rooms which offer similar clothes, not everyone is aware of them yet.

Oh and if you do get lucky and actually find the same thing or something similar that you know you can totally rock and it would definitely turn heads and make everyone go ‘WOW’, you’re so ready to get this item, and you also get the perfect size (of which, again, there is a very little chance, but let’s suppose it’s your lucky day), you grab this item and rush to the cash counter and that’s when reality hits you. It’s too expensive. (Not so lucky day anymore). You can either buy this or pay your rent. Uhh, why is life so hard? But I’m glad there have been several fashion rooms in NYC lately having nice and affordable clothes.

You know what’s equally worse? Seeing something on a brand’s page, falling in love with it, buying it, and then you have to keep it inside your closet for weeks and months and sometimes years because you can’t think of ideas to pair it up with other clothes and accessories. So it goes to waste, but not anymore really. The reason being that the fashion room ideas are so broad and offer such a vast range of clothes mix and matching, we can easily get new ideas on how to wear our new clothes!

Well, there are some bloggers who post there outfits and mention where they shopped the look from too. But it is not always helpful either. By the time you get to the shop to get what the blogger had, it’s sold out or not available in your size. Or maybe it’s too expensive.  That’s why I do personally prefer vogue fashion room to shop from.

Sometimes, bloggers own high-end items, and they got most their stuff from abroad. I think all these struggles will become easier if brands gave ideas and inspirations for planning an outfit using their products instead of just showcasing what they have to offer. However, none of this lessens my love for fashion rooms on Instagram and fashion bloggers. After all, you do have to struggle to reach the rank of an Instagram queen.

fashion rooms on Instagram
fashion rooms on Instagram


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