How Designers Design Their Own Fashion Rooms

fashion room designer

We see them on television and online video streaming sites like YouTube. We read about their famous works of art and fashion in the newspapers and magazines. How do designers design their fashion rooms? Is their fashion room décor different from ours? Take a peek at some selected artists and their bright fashion rooms below:
1) Alegra Hick’s Naples, Italy Apartment
The apartment has a high, long ceiling with dining and living areas. These areas are anchored by carpets designed by Hick. Roman shade fabric and cut velvet blend to create an elegant fashion house.

2) Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Manhattan Living Room
This fashion room is full of retro design items from 1970 George Pelletier ceramic lights to a vide-porch table with a 1950s design by Jacques Adnet.

3) Pedro Espirito Santo’s Lisbon Salon has an emphasis on antiques and art
Santo’s salon features an 1860s Orientalist painting, with an Asian cocktail table and a custom made needlepoint carpet that is delightful.

4) David Kleinberg’s Hamptons Home
A person will be greeted at the living room doorway by two Richard Sierra Prints and a photograph by Alejandra Laviada. Zebrawood side tables and armchairs covered in Rogers & Goffigon fabric complete the fashion room décor of this lovely living room.

5) Interior designer Ray Booth’s Nashville Living Room
The presence of a cat, artwork and the open windows providing lots of natural light is an accurate description of Booth’s fashion room décor.

6) Vicente Wolf and Matthew Yee’s Montauk Home
Full of photographs and with an emphasis on a white theme, this living room is an example of letting your personality shine through the room. The photographs are from Wolf’s collection.

7) Alexa Hampton’s New York Living Room
The fashion room décor in this living room can be quickly discerned, what with the potted plants and flowers capturing your attention from the get-go.

8) Lorenzo Castillo’s Spanish Retreat
Castillo combines iconic furniture pieces with a grand wallpaper design that captures the eye with its patterns, coupled with art pieces on the wall echoing the patterns on the wallpaper.

9) Holly Hunt’s Chicago Apartment
There is a focus on intricately designed sculptures that blend in well with the carpet and the cocktail table. Custom made sofas complete the living room giving it a sophisticated, modern feel that will surely resonate with visitors and fellow designers.

10) Jacques Grange’s Paris Apartment
If you love archeology or antiques, then this is the apartment to go to for some fashion room décor tips and specialist advice. The living room features an 18th-century desk, club chairs from 1925 and an armchair from 1930.

11) Alberto Pinto’s Rio de Janeiro Apartment
If you are looking for a minimalist, modern fashion room design, then Alberto Pinto’s apartment is the place to be. Featuring a sculptural staircase in polished chrome, a painting on the wall and armless chairs, this modern living room is a treasure to behold and a lesson book for fashion room designers.

fashion room designer
fashion room designer


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