How To D.I.Y. Your Fashion Bedroom


Home is the best place in this world. Everything about it, including places, corners, rooms and even the people inside it, are all the most precious treasure of your lives. Especially your bedroom, the place where you spend most of the time inside your house. You laugh, cry, study, sleep and do many other things inside your space.

Your bedroom is like a home inside a home and everything about it reflects your style and personality. So it is very important to take care of even the minute details pertaining to its design and decoration. Today we shall discuss on how to decorate your fashion bedroom so that it projects your nature in the most impeccable manner.

How to start?

There may be a lot of confusion when you think of designing your fashion room. How to start, what to do and many other similar questions will need your personal attention before you can begin with the actual decoration. In this blog, we shall brainstorm as to where to find inspiration for your room and how to translate those thoughts into real-life design statements.

Step 1- Gather your thoughts

This step is probably the easiest and obvious one. Before getting on with anything, it is required for you to know as to what exactly do you want. You might already have a list of things you have planned to do, or you can draw inspiration from your thoughts and needs. You can even browse through the net, scroll your Pinterest account or search the Facebook to get new and creative ideas. This step is all about preparing an image of your new and changed fashion bedroom.

Step 2- Analyze your strengths and Limitations

An indispensable criteria that you need to manage during the fashion bedroom design phase is to assess the path and its difficulty. Getting a bedroom makeover is not really an easy process. You need a lot of ingredients like time, patience, creativity, organization and more. But the most important pre-requirement above all is money. Budget constraints can be a real setback for many.It is necessary to know as to what and how much can you give for each of the above-mentioned criteria as it will help you create the path to the destination.

Step 3- Create your Stock

Once you are done with the design phase, the next step is to take stock of the things that you already have. This step is important as it will not only save you a few dollars but it will also help you save time and energy. Furthermore, you can also consider to repurpose old stuff and create something new and useful out of it.As for the unusable items, you can sell them to make some space and additional bucks for your use.

Step 4- Choose your color and style

By now you must be done with all your arrangements and guidelines, so it will be safe to actually start working on your bedroom.You can start by choosing a theme or color for your fashion room. Dark or light, dull or bright, plain or patterned, you can choose anything as per your style. You can also think of using a theme to give your room a more creative and urban look. Themes add new definitions and provide a more concrete style statement than others.

Step 5- Decorate the Big things

Next step will be to set and align your furniture and other big things like your bed, wardrobe, chairs and others.Since each of these will need a huge amount of money and space, so it will be better to prioritize their role before using or buying them. Also, there are a lot of other things you might have thought about, but it is not necessary that it will fit well in your plan. Be sure that you do not overdo things and end up being clumsy. Furniture is important, but then you might not really need to fill your room with it.

Step 6- Match your theme

It is important to follow your theme throughout the process. Right from the walls to your curtains, everything must stand true to the theme. Pillows, bedsheets, and even your wardrobe designs should also match the colors of your walls. Make sure you do not ease off with this step as it may ruin the overall appearance of your fashion bedroom. Small things complement the bigger ones, and hence they are as important as others.

Step 7- Accessorize

This is the most creative step in the list. Everything else can be copied or done based on the pictures from the internet but adding a personal touch to your bedroom needs no real brainstorming. This is the time to reinvent importance of empty spaces and small corners. Place a lamp or use a flowerpot, create a bookshelf or keep your laptop, all these small details need to be handled with utmost creative care. They show your sense of attention and also make you realize that even small spaces can be of great use.

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