12 Cool Ideas of Bedroom Wallpaper Sticker and How to Apply It

flower wallpaper sticker
flower wallpaper sticker

Wallpaper sticker is ornamented with various shades, colors, and images that can be stick on the wall. Installing wallpaper sticker is an easy, creative and fast way to change the atmosphere and appearance of your house or rooms especially bedroom. The installation of bedroom wallpaper sticker is easy enough, no need to use any tools. Pieces of the image that will usually be pasted have been cut directly by the factory, complete with the glue behind, so it is so practical to apply.
One kind of wallpaper stickers made of vinyl or PVC plastic which has water repellent surface. So the dirt or dust on it can be wiped easily with a damp cloth. It also looks like fused with the wall when applied. Providing that the wall in clean condition, not damp or wet, and not exposed to direct sunlight, the wallpaper sticker will glue even up to 5 years.
But if the purpose of the installation is to cover the peeling of wall paint or some graffiti on the walls, it is advisable to use wallpaper sticker made of paper material, because it can cover that parts earlier. But, the sticking of this kind of sticker will be stronger on a flat surface than The transparent one.
There are several types of wallpaper sticker. Transparent sticker is made of transparent PVC so that it fits to be stuck on any colors of any media. Wallpaper Sticker Glow in the Dark (GID) is made of PVC too, but there is phosphorus element added on the edge of the picture. So it will glow in dark room.
There is also 3D (Three Dimensions) wallpaper sticker which certain parts arise, layered or plated so that it looks close family and interesting. However, 3D wallpaper sticker has thinner material than the transparent one. Therefore, it will be torn easily if you are not careful enough while installing it.
The design of wallpaper sticker plays the main role in creating ambiance in your bedroom. If you are still confused to choose best wallpaper sticker design for your bedroom, here we give you 12 cool ideas of wallpaper sticker and the impressions they bring:
1. The cherry blossoms blowing in the wind
By installing this wallpaper sticker, we seemed to be in the spring in Sakura Park in Japan. Feels like Hanami, bedroom would look more fresh and comforting.

2. The falling leaves
For was looked bedroom, while presenting natural shades, wallpaper falling leaves sticker can be an option. The bedroom will seem warmer in shades of autumn.

3. Shady tree
Shady tree wallpaper sticker presents a very powerful impression for the beautiful and cool room. You may apply this sticker beside your bed and desk.
4. Under the sea
Wallpaper sticker with underwater design creates an atmosphere of its own. The bedroom seemed to be in the middle under the sea with fish and beautiful coral reefs.

5. Night sky
To stimulate you to be easier to sleep, you can install night sky wallpaper sticker with a crescent and studded stars that will shine when the room lights are turned off. This sticker will bring the impression of peace and quiet in your room.

6. Town
Dynamic and vibrant, those are the ambiance delivered by wallpaper sticker with a town design. The picture could be the view of buildings at night or during the day.

7. Certain tourist spot
Are you fascinated to certain tourist attractions such as London, Paris or Bali? You can present them in your bedroom, simply by sticking sticker depicting iconic sights of that beautiful place.

8. Inspired or unique words
Wallpaper sticker should not be images only. You can install wallpaper sticker in words form to inspire you every day like 揟he true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.?Or unique words such as 搕he princess sleeps here.?

9. Face
To create a sexy impression in your bedroom, you can apply face image as your bedroom wallpaper sticker on the wall. You can also just stick two big beautiful eyes as if the wall is staring to the anyone in the room. Or, if you idolize certain figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara, Michael Jackson, etc. it is a good idea to stick their pictures.

10. Frame
Do you love your family so much? You can show your family close relationship in the bedroom by placing some photo frame stickers and stick the photos of your family members there. You can also paste your selfie photos to highlight that the room is yours.

11. Hobby
You can also show yourself by applying wallpaper sticker that describes your hobbies. Picture of books, soccer player kicking a ball, guitar or the as examples.

12. Animation
To brighten your kid’s world, you can install wallpaper sticker of their favorite cartoon figures in their bedroom, such as Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Pokemon, etc. You may also install the anime stickers to make your bedroom more alive.

Then how is the right way to apply wallpaper sticker? Follow the tips below:
Wallpaper sticker is usually sold in rolls. To get the optimal result, before you stick it to the wall, open it first and oppress it with some heavy objects which has the flat surface like the thick book. You can also press it under the mattress so that the sheet straight back.

Find the wall with a flat and smooth surface, the smoother the wall surface the stronger wallpaper sticker glued on it. Clean the wall where wallpaper sticker will be installed to. It is because the dust particles that stick to the walls can make wallpaper sticker cannot stick strongly and easily to be detached. Clean that wall using the dry cloth. You can also use a damp cloth, but wait until the wall is completely dry.

Remember, you must be careful in the installation process. Make sure that the position is right. Because, if the sticker is often removed then the strength of the glue will also wane. If it had got the correct position, press wallpaper sticker with your hands so that there is no vesicle between sticker and wall.

If you have just painted the walls, wait until three weeks to stick wallpaper sticker. The particles in the new paint can diminish the strength of wallpaper sticker glue.
Keep wallpaper sticker away from toddler. It is to avoid damaging of the sticker caused by toddler hands where the walls appearance becomes worse.
Wallpaper sticker will not peel the wall once you remove it. But for some wall conditions, there may be damaging. As prevention, you can use a hair dryer. Wait a moment then bedroom wallpaper sticker will be detached.

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