How to Choose Right Bedroom Wallpaper Border to Beautify Your Private Room?

Wallpaper Border
Wallpaper Border

As a private place to take a rest and to relax, attractive bedroom with nice impression is something longed for everyone. There are many ways people do to create good looking and comfortable bedroom interior. It could be by placing unique types of furniture, setting bedroom light, painting walls with an interesting color or applying wallpaper on the wall. But, there is still another smart trick to beautify the bedroom, it is by using bedroom wallpaper border.

In comparison with wallpaper, border wallpaper is easier to be installed and changed. It has varied motifs like wallpaper, like leaf, flower, lines, scenery to the cartoon. Its colors are also variant so it can be customized with the wall抯 paint or wallpaper. Wallpaper border is from 5 cm to 20 cm width with usually 5 meters length on a roll. As the price is affordable, it is so recommended for you who want the most beautiful room without spending so much money. For better result, use wallpaper border to the walls with dry conditions, not the humid one. Let us check first the functions of wallpaper border below:
1. As border for two different paint colors
Wallpaper border is likely to be applied if the wall has two different colors on the upper and lower sides. Wallpaper border is installed precisely in the middle of the line where both different colors meet.
2. To adorn wallpaper
Not only as a border for two different paint colors, but wallpaper border can also be combined with wallpaper that you’ve installed for more appealing walls. It is better if you apply two wallpapers on a wall with different colors or motifs so that you can stick wallpaper border horizontally as their barrier.
3. To sweeten the room that has fewer furniture
Sometimes we need more roomy bedroom without many types of furniture. For example, for kids or baby as the place not only for sleeping but also for playing. To make it more attractive and not too blank, applying colorful wallpaper border can be the alternative.
4. To give certain effect to the room
Wallpaper border can also be applied to your bedroom that has high walls. Its presence between the upper and lower side of the walls gives cut effect. So the impression that we get, the wall does not seem so high because there is a barrier.
5. To refurbish the outline of wall
Wallpaper border can also be installed at the outline of the wall, usually at the top near the ceiling. The wallpaper at the upper outline of the wall will refurbish and highlight the ambiance of the room.

How to install wallpaper border on the bedroom wall? You can do the steps as follow:
1. It is fairly easy to install the bedroom wallpaper border. Even, the installation itself can be done by yourself. Just create barrier points on the wall that will be stuck with the wallpaper border. After that, give white glue on wallpaper border and also on the walls that have been marked. Then paste the wallpaper border to the wall.
2. Wallpaper border is also easy to clean. Just wipe it using water. Don抰 worries about the color quality because it cannot be sallow easily.
3. What if you want to change or remove it? It is so simple. Just spray it with water, and it will be detached without damaging the paint or wallpaper that is left behind.

Of course, in applying wallpaper border, it is not enough only by knowing the way to install it. We also have to know how to use it more effectively as decoration of our bedroom. Because wrong in choosing the right wallpaper border will make the bedroom too heavy instead.

Please follow these tips for efficient wallpaper border use:

1. Darker and brighter sides of wall

In the application of this wallpaper border, it is advisable that the paint or the wallpaper of the lower side has darker colors, while the paint or wallpaper of the upper one using a brighter color. Here, the homeowners get the benefit. Because, when one side of the wall paint or wallpaper damaged, no need to repaint or change the wallpaper of the entire wall because there has been the border. Just repaint or reinstall wallpaper of the upper or the lower part only.

2. Be careful of wallpapers motifs

For a plain wall, of course, we can choose any wallpaper border with any motif we like. But sometimes we want to combine two different wallpapers on a wall, and not only use one wallpaper motif. In choosing right wallpaper border as both wallpapers barrier, you have to the notice their motifs first.

If the motifs are simple like lines or polka dot, you may choose any motifs of wallpaper border. It is also for wallpapers which have small motifs like small leaves, small flowers, small butterflies, etc. But if the motif is big and jazzy, it is highly recommended for you to install the wallpaper border which has a simple motif or the plain one. It is important to be considered, so it will not produce a mismatched design.

3. Compute the height of wallpaper border

Wallpaper border laid in the middle of the wall is used in high enough space. Because by using a border around the room it will give the impression that the high wall is divided. As a result, space seems like shorter and pressures those who are therein.

You may use wallpaper border around your bedroom, but you must be careful in deciding to use wallpaper border. Apply wallpaper border in wrong height one can create an impression that your bedroom is getting shorter. The right distance from the floor to the border is around ?of the height of the floor to the ceiling. So if the wall height is 3 meters, the height of the border should be about 70 cm – 80 cm above the floor.

4. Choose the suitable color
Not all colors are suitable each other. You may apply wallpaper border which has the similar tone with your paint or wallpapers, or uses totally different color but still matched like violet-yellow, navy-maroon, blue-orange, etc. You may also choose neutral colors like black, white, cream and gray. Those colors are suitable for any colors.

Other tips that must be noticed, for bedroom wallpaper border that is placed near the ceiling, it is recommended to use a border that is not too wide, because it will take too much wall area.

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