From Bedroom To Closet: 3 Décor Ideas For Making Fashion Room Real

bedroom ideas
bedroom ideas

Do you feel your existing rooms had been out of fashion so long ago? Then this must be the time to bring your old dull rooms in your house into a great set of fashion room which is ready to deliver you with its authenticity and style.
Vintage-Victorian Bedroom
Both themes may come from different ages, but it does not mean that they cannot just separate each other as they have something in common. History. Both vintage and Victorian era have colorful touches engraved on their complementary furniture and fixture.
You do not have to feel guilty to mix furniture and fixture from both eras as they will all go really well. Bed, dressing table, sofa, side table, lamps, and curtains can be your canvas to work with the two themes. Use your heart and creativity to create a harmony among the furniture and fixture.
Then, complete the whole look and fashion room layout with matched paint colors to paint the four sides of walls. Consider one color palette to help you find the suitable sofa or dressing table. For example, you can look up this hybrid room embellished with white-pink-red color shades.
White and Bold Workspace
For modern people, comfortable and welcoming workroom at home is significant. It plays an important role in sustaining the quality of life of the person working in the room. So, expect this clean, airy work fashion room to be yours so that you can find more inspirations to work on your stuff.
A white daybed is situated against one side of the wall, just next to a white-painted wooden built-in desk. A white-painted rattan armchair completes the desk which is embellished with two large vases containing red-flowered plants.
Not only that, the white wall above the desk is made to be a perfect canvas for drawing mini mural. Red colors used to draw the mural matched with the flowers of the plants put near it. Don’t forget to spread a comfortable rug to give you warmth during windy and foggy days.
Outstandingly Organized Walk-In Closet
Do you know the nickname of fashion? That is ‘organized’. A fashion room must keep it present, or it would end up as a meaningless human creation. As we are talking about being organized, most of us would be reminded of our walk-in closet.
Your walk-in closet can transform into piles of messes without you cleverly find a way to make it stay organized, neat and functional. How you arrange your closet depends on the room size. The larger it is, then it could be the harder for you to get a working layout for the closet.
The key to enjoying neat and organized walk-in closet is sorting your fashion items and situating them in separated shelves. Try to be discipline with your own plan. To help you remember where you get to place your clothing, you can give the shelves different colors from the same color palette, such as brown and orange.

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