Fashion Room – What Is The Difference Between UK and US?

fashion room us uk
fashion room us uk

When you take a look at the fashion bedrooms in UK and USA, you will be able to figure out a clear difference in between them. Here is a list of the most prominent differences that you can find in between the fashion rooms of UK and US. The British and American interior designers have a clear understanding about these differences as well.
Coordinating vs. Matching
It has been identified that the British bedrooms can deliver a matchy feel. In other words, prints and fabrics are being used throughout the entire room to enhance the look. However, Americans are extremely selective when it comes to colors. They usually stick to few colors when they are designing the bedrooms. Their main intention is to create a coordinated room, and they don’t pay much attention towards matching the things. Floral prints are also popular among British people.
Bold colors vs. Electric colors
When it comes to colors, people in the UK don’t get afraid to add a cheesy dose of colors. However, they often try to deliver more of an electric sense to the fashion rooms. In addition, they are extremely concerned to pair different pieces with one another in an informal manner. On the other hand, Americans tend to introduce bold colors to their fashion rooms. As a result, you can see people using Black, Dark Blue, and Purple being used on most of the fashion rooms throughout the United States.
Collections vs. De-cluttered rooms
People in the UK tend to fill up their fashion rooms with lots of collections. As a result, you will be able to find a variety of accessories within the homes. However, Americans are much different, and they pay special attention towards the values of decluttering. Through decluttering, they tend to achieve a more aesthetic appeal in their bedrooms.
Minimalist vs. Comfy
The furniture items that UK and US people purchase to their homes are different as well. British people prefer to spend their money on bedroom furniture that is more comfortable to sit in. In fact, they value comfort than anything else. As a result, they go for furniture with plump and push upholstery. They also tend to incorporate dark tones and tapestry elements into their fashion bedrooms. Moreover, they prefer to get an antique piece made out of mahogany into the bedroom in order to enhance its look. However, Americans are much different, and they tend to go ahead with a modern lifestyle. They don’t focus on purchasing antique style furniture, and they are concerned about the modern style.
These are some of the most prominent differences that you can find in between fashion bedrooms of UK and USA. They are slightly being changed because of the trends, but won’t go out of style anytime soon. The people would stick to the mainstream styles throughout because their lives are attached to the styles.

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