How To Take Care Of Wardrobe Sliding Doors Tracks

Wardrobe Sliding Doors Tracks
Wardrobe Sliding Doors Tracks

We know that sliding door is one of the most space-efficient type of door which does not protrude and take enough space while being opened. Hence, some home owners with small rooms in their house prefer to have sliding wardrobe to replace their conventional hinged-door wardrobe of which door bumps their bed whenever it is opened.
However, in order to keep the efficient value steady, you get to perform some sort of regular maintenance, especially on the wardrobe sliding doors tracks which can be covered with thick dust and affect the work of the roller.
These are what you need to do to keep your sliding wardrobe perform well.
Regular Checking
Every once in a while, let us say once a month, try to spare some of your time to check the wardrobe sliding doors tracks. Check them if it is dirty or not. Built-up dirt and loose debris may cause the door to be stuck on the track due to thick debris. Note that you do not have to wait until next day, particularly if your house or room easily attracts dust in.
Fine Cleaning
Once you notice piled-up dust and debris along the wardrobe sliding doors tracks, try to prepare a wire brush and other helpful kit which can be used to remove dirt from the sliding door tracks. Wire brush can only be used to swipe off loose debris from the tracks, while thicker and built-up dirt may require sharper kit to make it removed. You can use blade of an old screwdriver to help you with that one.
Fine cleaning on sliding door tracks means that you need to make sure that all the debris are gone. So, consider finishing up the process with a rag or even turpentine to completely get rid of the debris.
Finishing Lubrication
Silicone spray lubrication on the wardrobe sliding doors tracks may also be necessary in order to smoothen the door tracks. You can also opt to use paraffin to make sure the roller can run very smoothly on the track.
Last Checking
Last but not least, not only do you need to make sure it is clean, you also get to check if the tracks are bent or worn. Misaligned tracks can be corrected by knocking it back into the aligned position with a hammer or other possible kits such as wooden block. This is how we need to take care of our durable sliding wardrobe.

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