5 Simple Steps To Install Wardrobe Sliding Doors Kit

Install Wardrobe Sliding Door
Install Wardrobe Sliding Door

It is not difficult to find wardrobe sliding doors kit on the market. They are offered in widely-ranged variations. Judging from so many material options available, it is not weird if we strive to analyze each of them to get which one is the best for our needs. You can even opt for installing the sliding door yourself!
Instead of spending a particularly large amount of money to buy a whole set of new sliding wardrobe, you can choose to buy the wardrobe sliding kit you need and install it yourself to your existing conventional wardrobe. This following guidance will help you work it out.
Find The Right Sliding Door
At most stores, you will likely find several types of sliding doors you can use to replace the old hinged door attached to your wardrobe. From these plenty of stores, you get to pick one door you think will suit your needs and meet your expectation.
You can opt to have either vinyl or mirror, for example. While the vinyl-covered sliding door is much cheaper than the mirror one, you can get multiple functions from mirrored sliding wardrobe. The mirror is kind of good at bouncing light, making the room look larger than its actual size.
Measure The Wardrobe
Once you get your favorite sliding door, continue by measuring the length, height and other essential measure to make sure that you will not install the wrong-sized wardrobe sliding doors kit. Use a pencil to give marks and have all the wardrobe’s side length measured.
Get The Track Cut
DIY projects always oblige you to do some customized works, like this one. You need to cut the track of the door based on the measurement you have got from the previous step. Cut it neatly, carefully and accurately, if you do not want to end up wasting energy and even wardrobe sliding doors kit.
Get The Track Installed
It is certain that installing the track on its position. You will need to ask for someone’s help to keep the track in steady position while you are screwing the track to the floor.
Get The Doors Installed
Lastly, you have to place the rear door first on the installed track. Continue to the second door. Do it carefully by lowering the back door into the bottom track. And it’s done. Easy right?

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