This Is How To Adjust Wardrobe Sliding Door Track System

DIY projects with sliding wardrobe.

Understanding wardrobe sliding door track system can be a serious issue for some people. But it does not mean that you can perform DIY projects with sliding wardrobe. You can definitely try to install or adjust sliding wardrobe doors yourself, along with its track system. Note that sometimes DIY work can be fun.
However, what we are presenting here is about correcting the position of your sliding wardrobe doors. If you are not confident enough to install the doors yourself, then you have a chance to challenge your skill by simply adjusting the sliding wardrobe doors.
Here is the procedure.
Try to make sure that all the doors sit in the correct position with the wall and other doors. From that position, you can find which door requires adjustment. You can tell from this position whether you need to lower or raise the sides of the door, and also which side is needing the adjustment.
Then, continue by making sure that every adjuster is screwed down to the lowest level. If you do not do this, then the adjusters might not fit in the tracks later. Only after finishing this step, you can go on with fitting the doors in the track.
On that step, the door will not run as you still need to fit the wheels in the bottom or top track, depending on where you locate the wardrobe sliding door track system. Then, go on with situating the top side of the door into the top frame, which is followed with aligning the bottom wheels into the track system.
Once again, it can be performed in reverse, depending on where the track is positioned. Next, try to turn the adjusting screw to the other direction, and you will find the door raise slowly. If you do it right, then the wheel will also fit easily in to the track. The sound of its clicking in may be able to be heard as a sign of its right fitting.
Continue by doing the previous step again for the other side of the door before you will find it run smoothly as it is before. To make sure if the sliding doors have been adjusted correctly, you can try to slide the doors. If it scrapes, either on top or bottom, then it might yet not fit.
There might be some gap in one of those two sides, which you need to adjust until it fits correctly.

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